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We love to take some extra weight on our shoulders, so let us help you plan your next event.

We are providing a team of experts from the first point of contact to the reception on the day of your event, all through your event until everybody has left happy and satisfied. Feel free to contact us in advance if you have any questions at this point.


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With 10+ different kitchens on average on all our venues we can offer you a totally unique culinary experience

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Enjoy the endless options of our venue

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We can offer your guests vouchers to spend at our foodstands so they discover our street food stands themselves

Our three vibrant venues are tailor made to reflect the cities they’re in, creating unique experiences, bringing food, drinks, and groups big or small together.

No Foodhallen like the other. In 2014 we started in Amsterdam - our oldest sibling - in an old tram depot: big and bright. Four years later we found an industrial warehouse, near the shores of the Maas in Rotterdam - the middle child. Soon after we opened doors in the center of The Hague, a hidden gem - our youngest one. Even though the Foodhallen DNA runs through all their veins, they all have their unique traits creating distinctive experiences everywhere you go.

Founded in 2014, Foodhallen is home to a wide range of high-quality concepts and a household name for food lovers. We curate the unique food culture of a city and connect people in iconic places.

We’re always looking for new ways to give local cuisines an international platform, with diversity in our DNA, and flavor at heart. At the Foodhallen, celebrating flavors is everything. To keep reminding ourselves what we stand for, and live by, this is our manifesto for flavor: Celebrate flavors with us at Foodhallen. Flavors of the finest cuisines, flavors of freshness, of Thursdays and birthdays, flavors of good to see you. Served in vibrant venues. Spaces with soul. Curated with care. Powered by the present. Feel free to come in, get a taste. Experience, share, and fully dig in.